What cannot be changed in therapy?

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It is impossible to change the character.

If you feel that you are more eager to isolate yourself from people, you are more comfortable in your own world, your point of rest and balance is where nothing distracts you, most likely it will remain that way. The problems with which you will come to a psychologist may relate to relationships and the difficulties of building a close relationship. At work, you will be able to “relax” some “sharp” corners, better understand why it is difficult for your loved ones or deal with your constant desire to escape from a relationship if they become too emotional on both sides. However, to a greater extent your character will remain the same, you will also be more comfortable being with yourself than with others.

If another type of character is close to you, for example, a dependent character. Then it is easier for you to endure suffering than to remain alone. This is a different polarity of experiencing intimacy in a relationship. A person in a relationship with a partner in this case needs intimacy, and his problem is not that he cannot stand it, he rather cannot stand the partner’s distance. And then the problems in the relationship will be associated with the pain of loss, with anxiety when he tends to move away. With an experience of their value and significance. In this case, therapy will help you to strengthen your confidence and self-importance, however, you will continue to strive for intimacy to a greater extent, and it will be customary for you to live in maximum emotional intimacy.

Understanding about yourself what suits you best will help you set more realistic goals and not be disappointed in your achievements.

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