Is an emotionally healthy person really supposed to be uninhibited?

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Is behavioral spontaneity and sexual accessibility a sign that you are an emotionally healthy person?

On the one hand, it really is. If you hear your feelings and desires, understand what they are saying and what they are pushing, then you really are an authentic person who follows his choice.

The important thing is that there is an opportunity to make a choice here.
On the other hand, if you find yourself in a situation where you are explicitly hinted that: “if you are an adult uninhibited person, then you need to be spontaneous and risky, live now!” And then, if you try to be like that, then it shows just the opposite.

In my practice, there was a client who couldn’t refuse a kiss on the first date, even if she didn’t really want it. Or she would give her phone number if she was asked, and she didn’t quite understand whether she wanted it or not.
In this case, we really see an external emotional openness and accessibility, but how healthy and authentic is it?
Emotional health implies emotional maturity. This is when you can know your feelings, understand them, express them in the way that is most useful to you now. In other words, in this case, a refusal or an expression of uncertainty would be adequate.

What prevents you from refusing? Perhaps internal anxiety, fear of being abandoned, ridiculed, unnecessary.
Of course, if you encounter your inner world, where you are afraid to be emotionally spontaneous and decisive, you will be at the mercy of the desires and needs of other people. And this, in a sense, exposes the inner emotional immaturity.

I will write more about internal conflicts in my next posts.

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