Inability to be alone.

Inability to be alone.

Some talk about the herd nature of our desire to be with someone, as well as in a crowd. As if we “need a soothing motive of communication to eat, drink, sleep, pray, fall in love..”, like parrots who immediately die as soon as they are left alone.
What is this obsessive craving to be stuck to someone? And what is this pain that we feel left in the silence of our home?

My imaginary self.

“That’s when I grow up, then I will become, and I will be, and you will know everything…!” at this moment, the chin rises up, the shoulders straighten, and Caesar or Cleopatra is in front of you! You see a strong, confident person who knows what he wants and is firmly on his feet. For whom to follow, as for him!
And you make a big mistake, forgetting that in fact he is not the One yet, he is still just a child who dreams of becoming someone someday.

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